Author Topic: Post an event in the calendar  (Read 25488 times)

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Post an event in the calendar
« on: April 24, 2016, 05:51:24 PM »
Need help with posting an event in our calendar? Then we can help you.

1. Click the calendar tab.

2. Click on post an event at the bottom of the calendar.

3. In the subject field type in the subject of an event.

4. Below the subject field is another field called Event title, Type in the name of the event.

5. Select a date for when the event starts.

6. Select the roll down menu in the post in tab, You must select events.

7. If you have a banner or a picture for your event, you can click on the picture button which will let insert an image from a website
(For example: [IM G][IM G]) Do not put gaps in the IMG tags.
If you don`t have an image just type in the description field the date, time and description of your event.