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  Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary School

About Bourne Abbey Church of England primary School

Originally opened in 1877 as Star Lane Board School the original building was two school rooms and an attached Schoolmaster's house. These buildings form the core of the present school, facing onto Abbey Road. In the 20th century it became known as Bourne Council Junior School when the responsibility of school boards was assumed by local councils, and later as Bourne County Primary School.

Following the expansion of the town in the 1960s and the opening of a new primary school in the west of the town, this school became Abbey Road Primary School.

In 1995 the school was the first Primary School to opt out of county status and become Grant Maintained, becoming Bourne Abbey Primary School. It was one of the first schools to introduce on-site nursery education under the same funding.

By 2000 it had become a Church of England maintained school, Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary School.

Today, the school is an academy.


Abbey Road, Bourne, PE10 9EP, 01778 422163

Website: BourneAbbey.lincs.sch.uk

  About Bourne Town

Bourne is a historical market town, located south of Lincolnshire, United kingdom with a population of 15.000 people. The town is located on a Roman Road which is now known as King Street and surrounded by many villages such as Morton, Kirkby Underwood, Rippingale, Thurlby, Northorpe, Baston, Twenty and Hanthorpe. Bourne is a spacious town with lots of waterways, parks and woodland areas.

It`s most popular attraction in the town is the Wellhead park which offers a very spacious area, war memorials, ponds and a childs play area.

One of many of it`s popular tourist spots is the Bourne woods which has been known to be great for jogging and taking casual walks along the ponds. If that don`t interest you check out our village attractions page which offers the best tourist attraction within the villages that surround Bourne.

  What is in Bourne

Bourne is a growing town with alot of oppurtunities. The town is growing rapidly and it`s adding more and more businesses. The town was blessed in 2013 by building a Tesco superstore and also having a new petrol station, a pub and a Mcdonalds built in 2015. And in 2016 Subway merged into the town centre to serve Bourne town.

Now Bourne is rapdily building more houses on the Elsea park estate and with high hopes of building an LIDL supermarket which should be completed by 2016. The town also had a new gym built, a snooker hall and lets play centre for children.

Bourne currently has 3 doctor surgeries, 1 police station, 1 fire station, 6 schools, 2 petrol stations and 1 leisure centre.

Click here to see whats in Bourne.

  Help keep Bourne clean and safe

Keep Bourne clean and tidy by keeping your bin lids shut firmly and sealed to reduced pests. If you see rubbish on the road or path in your street, why not do your bit for the community of Bourne and pick it up and put to a rubbish bin.

Stay safe in your community. As a quiet town like Bourne it`s crime rate is low which is a good thing but sometimes there`s always a moment for criminals to strike so always report to the police any suspicious activity, serious crime, theft and damage.

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